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Unfortunately, the reality is that every person who is reading this article knows someone who has been a victim of domestic violence.  It is a sad reality.  And yet, the vast majority of incidents go unreported.  Sometimes it is because the victim is too afraid to say something. Sometimes there are family or financial pressures preventing a victim from coming forward.  And, sometimes, it is because the victim simply does not understand the process for coming forward. This article will attempt to give you a better understanding of what a person expect if she chooses to come forward. The first step in this process is reporting the domestic violence. This can be done either by going to the local police department  or by going to the County Courthouse.  If it is a week day between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, you should go to the County Courthouse and ask to … Continued

We hear it all the time, getting divorced in New Jersey takes too long and costs too much.   To many times couples are asked to wait months before they are given the opportunity to appear before a judge, only to then become more frustrated as they are forced to sit and wait in a hall or crowded  courtroom until it is their turn.  While they sit and wait, the same  statement is made over and over, “There has to be a better way.”  Well, there is.  It’s called Mediation. Mediation is a non-adversarial process in which a couple will sit down with a trained mediator to try to work out an agreement that both of them can live with.  It is something that you can do even if one of you has already filed for divorce or if you are even divorced already and are trying to avoid returning to … Continued

There has been a lot of discussion recently about proposed legislation for a major overhaul of the New Jersey Alimony Statute. (Assembly bill No 3909) What has caught a lot of people’s attention is the fact that under the new language,  the phrase “permanent alimony” has been removed and a specific formula has been included to determine the length of alimony that should be imposed.  For example, if a couple is married for 13 years,  and alimony is appropriate,  the term of the alimony would be nine years and one month.  If  a couple is married 8 years, the term would be four years ten months.  Etc.  All of this has lead many people and commentators to proclaim that permanent alimony is dead. Unfortunately, they are  wrong. Permanent alimony is still alive and well under the proposed new alimony statute, it’s just more limited in when it can be applied. … Continued

Collaborative Divorce has existed in the United States since the 1990s and has been practiced in New Jersey for over a decade. A Collaborative Divorce is a non-adversarial process in which each party has their own attorney but agree not to file for divorce while they attempt to resolve their issues. The basic idea behind Collaborative Law is to offer you and your spouse the security of having your own lawyer, while eliminating the frustration and added cost that can be incurred in litigation. The first step in the process is to meet with a trained collaborative law attorney. While some attorneys might say they are familiar with the process are willing to participate in a collaborative divorce, this is not the same as being trained in the process. Just like in the medical field, the legal field has specializations, Collaborative Law being one of them. Assuming both parties agree … Continued

Coming to the conclusion that a relationship needs to end is an extremely difficult one. It usually takes months, or even years, for a person to get to that point; and by then, you’re so overcome with raw emotion that just making the decision can almost seem like a weight being lifted off of you and you want to charge forward, to get on with your life. The question becomes, how do you do that? What steps do you need to take to actually move forward? The first step is to do your research. Do you need the court’s assistance to end your relationship or can you just walk away? If you’re married, do you want to get divorced or do you just want to become separated? If you are getting divorced, how do you want to go about it? Do you think you and your spouse can work with … Continued